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The application shows the new style of Party members
In the group of the Ministry of education to maintain the advanced nature of the Communist Party,
Pay attention to the "Four Combinations", to carry out the party members' advanc
In carrying out the second batch of activity of advanced sex education, open Lun paper group party earnestly district work deployment
Group Party committee held a mobilization meeting and lectures to teach
On the afternoon of July 9, open Lun paper group Party committee held maintains a communist activity of advanced sex education arouses congress and lectures
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Domestic newsprint prices continue to decline
2014 national newspaper paper volume of 2 million 760 thousand tons, 310 thousand tons less than in 2013. Domestic newsprint prices have continued to decline in 2014 average price of 4100 yuan / ton, down 250 yuan / ton, compared with 2013.
Jingan District "cultural and Creative Industrial Park" capacity expansion to 9
After Tong Le Fang Park in November 2014 for the first batch of "Shanghai cultural and Creative Industries Park," the title; Jingan district and 800 Show, source of innovation, Ken, 98 Park, media Park
Development planning of paper industry in Shanghai city in 11th Five-Year
1 development goals (1) 2010 paper and paperboard production capacity will reach 1 million 990 thousand tons, compared with the "fifteen" at the end of an increase of 333%, an average annual increase of 27.2%



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